How To Look After Your Skin In Winter

How To Look After Your Skin In Winter

As the days become shorter and temperatures fall, winter is definitely on it’s way and your skin can pay an unfair price. Whenever your environment changes, your skincare should be adjusted to protect your skin. Particularly in the winter months as the dry, cold air can lead to cracks in the outer layer, loss of hydration, and ultimately, inflammation.

Here are a few ways to adjust your skincare routine for winter:

Get Professional Help

Schedule a professional facial that includes exfoliation and focuses on boosting hydration levels. A professional will also be able to review your current routine, and offer personalised advice and products. You can book a consultation with Jasmina here.

Switch Your Products

Step up your light summer serums, lotions and oil-free creams to more emollient formulas. If you haven’t yet, add eye treatment day and night to fight the most obvious ageing. We recommend using oil-based products or replacing your night cream with an essential oil which will penetrate to the deepest layer of the skin, helping to restore its natural barrier.

Screen Star is a universal addition to every skin routine and perfect for the winter. It features the Vico Marine Complex; aa triple-coded network of rare macro algae and seaweeds to feed the skin with a rich source of diverse bio-actives, proteins, polysaccharides and fatty acids; known to boost the skin’s intra-cellular energy, stimulate collagen formation, oxygenate, ease redness and protect the skin barrier from environmental aggressors. 

Protect From Within

As soon as the sun starts to drop, we instantly start craving comfort foods. Incorporating a ‘rainbow diet’, provides you with the nutrients you need to fight off winter illness and keep you looking your best. For the skin in particular, yellow and orange foods are beneficial, so stock up on sweet potatoes, mango and red peppers, which contain Vitamin A which is linked to keeping skin healthy. Also, increase the presence of essential fatty acids in your diet by eating more oily fish and flax seed or hemp oil.

Add A Mask

A quick and simply way to boost your skin’s moisture levels. You can make one in your kitchen (what else is there to do on a gloomy Sunday night spent indoors?) or you can stock up on some of our favourites which include SkinCeuticals Phyto Gel mask and easy-to-use sheet masks from Korea.

And as always, don’t forget to apply an SPF!

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